Plate Gum Metal & Mits VDP

This  product replaces  washout gum and all plate processor gums.

 For All Metal Plates and Mitsubishi VDP violet plates  VDP ask for mixing instructions

 For all other plates use the following instructions 

Keep your present replenishment settings.  

Metal Plate mixing

Mix ratio 2 gallons  with 3 gallons of distilled water

MIts VDP mixing

 startup or tank cleaning 1 gallon gum with 5 gallon of water,   DO not add to the replenisher.  When you add 1 gallon of water to replenisher add .5 gallon of gum to wash tank. 

Plates roll up in under 10 revolutions. Some users reported roll ups of 2 revolutions.

Spots and artifacts eliminated.

 Fountain solution circulators  slime and fungus reduced or totally eliminated.

Reports of easier Color controll.

Web press operators reported reductions of startup waste of over 50%.

Has demonstated substantional reduction of roller glazing.  in some instances roller glazing has been eliminated.

Plate Gum Metal & Mits   VDP
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