Genesis Calcium Rinse & Additive

Genesis Calcium Rinse and Additive Use: Fountain Solution - When added to the fountain solutions water mixture, this product will prevent and stabilize pH drift. Blankets and rollers will also remain cleaner with less "white" build-up (add ½ to 1 ½ oz per gallon of mixed fountain solution in water). Blanket and Impression Cylinder - Adding Genesis Calcium Rinse and Additive to blanket and impression cylinder cleaners makes cylinder cleaning is fast and simple. Final Roller Rinse - This product is also used as a calcium rinse for ink train rollers. After all of the rollers have been cleaned and are free of ink and with wash up blades on, apply a liberal amount of Genesis Calcium Rinse and Additive to the rollers followed by a water rinse. Continue the water rinse until the run-off water appears clean and clear.

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